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My Story

I am passionate about feeling good, and passionate about our planet. That’s why it is important to me to use the best possible products to provide fantastic hair and beauty services without testing on animals, without using animal ingredients and without using harsh chemicals.

My Mum was a hairdresser so I was brought up in the salon, from a very young age I helped out after school by standing on piles of phonebooks to wash clients' hair, passed curlers to Mum as she permed and graduated over the years to answering the phone, booking appointments and carrying out more technical services.  But as I hit my twenties I thought my career path led elsewhere so abandoned the salon to pursue other interests.  Over the years I continued to do hair for friends and family by request, and notoriously experimented with my own hair frequently, it took me a couple of decades to realise that my real love had always been hair, and so it drew me back full-time.  

I had become vegan since I was last in the salon and so I had a new challenge of finding products I could use that aligned with my values, that weren't tested on animals, were kinder to the environment (and us!) and didn't contain animal ingredients.  After a lot of research I was happy with my new 'toolbox' and set out alone to start my own business.  

It didn't take long to realise there were other services I could be offering besides hairdressing, so I started undertaking several additional qualifications and am now able to provide beauty appointments.

I continue to research my products, always ensuring I am using the best available, and looking for other ways I can reduce my impact on our planet - reducing, reusing, recycling.

About Me: Bio
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